Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Passing of a Legend

You know you are getting old when your heroes and legends are passing. Gary Gygax was one of those people.

I know, that sounds a little geeky, eh? But it was he that told me if was ok to dream. When an 11 year old kid discovered Dungeons and Dragons, and entire world of possibilities was opened up to him. There were others out there that read fantasy, dreamed of slaying a dragon, and that still strived to play make believe -- some were even adults!

I moved on from Dungeons and Dragons, but it never left me. The creativity it spawned, wonderful, not to mention that it taught a teenager how to socialize and write. Many a night was spent crafting stories with plots and subplots. Second guessing my players, who were my characters.

Dungeons and Dragons taught me to be a writer.

I owe my career to Gary Gygax.

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