Friday, January 8, 2010

Its your job to believe in your dopey vision!

Amen, sir! I just saw this, rather lengthy, tweat come through. A shining piece of wisdom that everyone should read and take to heart. Not just for us fat writer/directors, but every one who is in charge of any endevor; be it creative or just business:

@Henrikse "Dont you always think the next film's gonna be the big one?" That's the director's job: to believe in their dopey vision- quest so much that it fuels not just him/her, but the entire cast & crew as well. For months. As the person everyone's looking to for answers, you've GOTTA believe. Anyone can be negative, because bitching takes no discernible talent and costs nothing. And sure: every once in awhile, you die in despair a bit, brokenhearted that your ideas didn't reach more people. But until then? You have hope that the next flick WILL reach a larger audience. You're living in hope. Living ON hope. And hope is life's sweet elixir, touching not just human beings, but every thinking organism on the planet. Living in a constant state/haze of hope = smoking God's own strain of Kush.

Kudos sir.

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