Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Indie Film Take Back the Night!

Great announcement this weekend at Sundance.  Although I think you'll find you'll spend a dime or two on marketing.. time is money (not to mention phone calls, gasoline, hotel rooms, and booking fees). 

Frankly, its a great concept.  I thought so back in May 2009 when I said it the first time and still thought so when I brought it back up six months later.  Heck, its why I'm taking control of my own destiny with my own projects: selling foreign, domestic, DVD, VOD, TV, et al.  But I've been on both sides of the fence (day job with a sales agent, yes I work for the evil empire) and have seen what needs to be done, what can be negotiated, what is just a cost of doing business, etc.

Most indie film makers can't afford to schlepp their movie around the country or they want to move on to the next thing or they just don't have the money to keep themselves afloat.  Remember, it takes money to book a theater.  The number of indie film makers I've run into that don't even have the money to finish their film let alone four-wall it, is astounding.  And that's why distributors end up holding the purse-strings... because Indie Filmmakers are uninformed and walk in with a completed picture and get all excited about their first deal and sign away their rights, responsibilities, and their [interchangeable: right arm, first born, soul].

Add something to your screenings.  Add a day of education.  Real education (not pipe dream stuff) about the business of film making.  DIY classes touch on it, but they don't really talk about playing with the big boys.  Yes, sir, add education to your new distribution arm.

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