Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Big Feet, Little Shoes in the can

Well, its video, so there's no can, just computer, but you get the idea. This short was a blast to do and, if it represents well, we're looking at turning this into a regular web-series.
As I mentioned before, its a slacker version of the X-Files. In this case, Craig Lutz and Bill Balls embark on a career as Paranormal Investigators when they lose their day jobs (see picture at left).
First task? "I give you Sasquatch!" exclaims Bill. But, of course, things don't work out quite as planned... or do they?
Maybe I'll send in to the ViewAskew Film Festival: Movies Askew... wait, you haven't annouced one for 2007, just 2006's competition. Oh well, you'll just have to catch it at a film festival near you... until we release it on the web that is.

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