Thursday, September 13, 2007

Who wants to act when you can direct?

Kevin, sir, looks like your boy, Ben Affleck is jumping into the directing arena with both feet. In fact in the August 24th issue of Entertainment Weekly he gave a brief interview (OK, not so recent, I'm behind in my reading) saying that if his current movie is accepted well he'll stick with Directing and just be in the kinds of movies he wants to do which mostly aren't "giant studio movies".

Sounds like a man right after your own heart, Mr. Smith.

So, here's the deal. Remember when I said I had a screenplay your wife, Jennifer Schwalbach, not only could produce but is the type of movie that she said, in one of your recent Smodcasts, she always wanted to see and would remind her of Alias and the reason she fell in love with that series. You know, the one with this synopsis:

A strong, take no prisoners, female action movie with humor and heart. A story about a widowed soccer mom who, struggling to make ends meet, turns to the only line of work she has ever been any good at: contract killing. Then top it all off with the fact that her deceased ex-husband turns out to be not-quite-so, kidnaps their daughter, and forces mom to fight for the daughter's life.

Well, you can have the man you said you'd always work with, Ben, direct. And then the Bob or Harvey Weinstein can back the film. And all this can be done while you're working on Red State or Zack and Miri (whichever ends up first).

Come on Ben, Kevin, Jen, give a poor fat writer a break and drop him a line.

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