Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why Kevin Smith and Room 602 News

It's been asked why am I writing to Kevin Smith? Well, I answered this in my first blog entry two months ago and right there in the left margin. Has it paid off?

Well, I can honestly say that some of Kevin's people have browsed through here. I don't think any of them reported back their findings to the man himself. I would like to think that he would respond. After all, we're two peas in... OK, that just sounds silly.

On to other things.

Room 602, the film that I started this blog about, has three screenings coming up. October 20th, 8 PM (Theater 4) at the International Horror Sci Fi Film Festival. I will also be hosting a panel at 1PM on Sunday the 21st (same festival) on fast tracking -- "How to quickly advance in the movie biz from amateur shorts to semi-pro features" and then participating in a panel at 2:30 the same day on creativity -- "How to create super visuals on small budgets." If not for me, come to see Linda Blair as she screens the Exorcist and Claudia Christian as she screens "The Hidden."

After that, Room 602 will screen at Alice Cooperstown and the Seven Deadly Films Event (October 27th).

Finally, on November 18th, we'll screen one last time this year at the San Tan Short Film Festival.

Then its Happy Holidays time while we start looking for other festivals.

PS. Stay tuned for news on "Big Feet, Little Shoes," another short I produced and directed that starts its festival run later this month.

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