Wednesday, August 1, 2007

From one fat writer that has to direct to see his stuff get made to another...

Originally sent July 31, 2007.

It will be a miracle if you read this, because I know you get slaughtered with emails daily, sir.

I'm an over weight, screenwriter that turned film maker just to see his stuff on the screen who also happens to be in the process of putting together a comic book... did I mention we're only two years apart in age?

We could be brothers, sir!

Living in sunny, Phoenix, AZ and loving it (my little Jersey for life) and dreading (and relishing) the day I have to move to LA.

Although I'd jump in the car and be there in six hours for the opportunity to meet, pick your brain, etc.

Maybe one of these days we'll sit side by side at an awards table.

Thanks for the minute out of your life!

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