Saturday, June 28, 2008

MATCH.DEAD to Kevin Smith

Kevin, sir, I know you, or at least your people, read this blog. Must be nice to have people.

I'd like to invite you to take a look at a rough cut of my feature, MATCH.DEAD. I know you hang out with your lovely wife, Mrs. Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, and just go through DVD's. What's one more to the mix, eh? I'd love a little feedback.

Drop me a line (or one of your people so you can remain anonymous) at jbonnell (at)

I'm shopping some other scripts around and starting to pursue investors for my next project. I figure I need to do two a year to keep afloat. Of course when I start getting budgets like yours are these days, that won't necessarily be the case.

Until then I still think I have a project that the love of your life (not Harley, the other one... no not Jason Mewes either) would love to produce. Strong female lead kicking butt and saving her daughter... just think of it as Le Femme Nikita the Soccer Mom...

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