Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cynical Film Making

Kevin Smith, sir, I can imaging you must see stuff like below every day. I'm starting to get cynical and I can't imagine how you keep from getting there.

WRITER/DIRECTOR with great properties and first class actors seeks, professional, experienced producer. As most creatives, I would much rather focus on the content rather than the commerce of filmmaking.

So without flowery words, and a remarkably well written sales pitch, let me get to the point...

I need a producer, with experience in raising capital, contacts within the industry, and the right amount of vision and madness, to allow me to create the type of movies that will be both entertaining and profitable. I am going to do great things in film, be with me at the beginning.

Fair compensation is negotiable, you get me the money, I'll create the product, and we'll make history.

What makes this guy think he's anymore great than the other dozen people that sent me the same thing today? If you want to work in the movie business then LEARN the movie business. Go out and raise money for your film. If you can't raise enough money for your buget, adjust the movie and make one for the amount of money you can raise. Baby steps. Do one, sell it, now make a bigger one, etc.

Sure, if you can convince someone to do all the work for ya, that's great. But you should also be aware that you won't own anything when its done. Its the producer that makes money AFTER the fact on the film. The director gets his paycheck during the film making process.

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