Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays to Kevin Smith

To Kevin Smith at Viewaskew:

Happy Holidays, sir. Here's to hoping you have some wonderful family time with the wife and rugrat.

It's been quite the year, eh? You had a feature come out. I had a feature come out. You had a birthday. I had a birthday. So many parallels.

I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, sir. Not sure if its a train barreling in my direction, but I don't hear a whistle yet.

I was just approached yesterday to direct a little direct to video project. I'll add that to the stack of stuff on my plate and I might have a good year:

1) Evil Dead Breakfast Club the movie. Yes, the movie. Our little web series has garnered some attention as is the hilarious script. It's definitely an R-rated comedy. Here's the trailer for the webseries.

2) The Cleaning Crew. This is the script I offered you last year. More precisely offered your bride, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith:

Jennifer, your lovely bride, takes a crack at producing a movie she said she always wants to see and never finds. One that reminds her of Alias and the reason she fell in love with that series.
A strong, take no prisoners, female action movie with humor and heart. A story about a widowed soccer mom who, struggling to make ends meet, turns to the only line of work she has ever been any good at: contract killer. And then top it all off with the fact that her deceased ex-husband turns out to be not-quite-so, kidnaps their daughter, and forces mom to fight for the daughter's life.

Throw into the mix lots of hilarity, some keystone criminals, and kick ass action... what more could you want?

Well, it has gotten some traction this week as well. Had potential investors talk to me at a networking event. Sending a top sheet their way, but there's still time for you to invest some Zack and Miri dollars in it.

Oh, and I heard you finally contacted Gavin Michael Booth! So I do know you really exist and are not just some actor hired by Hollywood to promote movies.

Happy Holidays!
Jon Bonnell

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