Monday, May 11, 2009

Kevin Smith - Distributors?

Mr. Smith, sir, just saw your interview with Gavin Michael Booth and his "How Many Days" project (see below).

You ask a very important question in your interview "In this economy, who's going to start up a distribution company?" The answer seems obvious, "You." A boutique distribution company with your name on it would move many an independent film. Your name would open doors, even if you had nothing to do with the day to day operations.

Heck, my day job these days (besides setting up The Evil Dead Breakfast Club [see Trailer here]) is in distribution. I could definately give you a hand (drop me a line at info [at] infspec [dot] com). Heck, I'll even be in LA all this week, but you're probably in Cannes with the rest of my company.

There are many, many, distributors out there, though. The problem with a lot of independent film is either:

1) Not quality
2) Not marketable in a foreign market.

Quality is partially relative, but you still need good sound, in focus visual, and a good SOLID story. In this day where everyone can pick up a digital camera and make a movie, you need to get your ducks in a row. You are competing against MILLIONS of film makers worldwide. Do your homework. Develop your project. Put together a great, top notch team, make something everyone will want to see and be proud of.

As to marketability, this doesn't have to mean selling out or not working on your art, but a talking head drama will not do well in foreign markets because they will have to read a lot or listen to a bad voice over. Middle America doesn't love reading a movie, what makes you think Germany, France, or Thailand does? By incorporating good story, visual, action, and FX you give them something to enjoy and they won't mind the occasional subtitle or bad sync'd dialog. And comedy? Just remember, not everyone in the world has your sense of humor. In fact somethings funny here aren't in other cultures.

Keep it all in mind. Talk to distributors before you even start making your film. Put some business in the art and see what happens.

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