Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The older we get the faster we age

Wow, some days life just sneaks up on you and, BAM!, your personal time stream just accelerates and suddenly its three days later.

OK, so that sounds a little extreme (or whacked out or at least fan-boyish). This weekend was my daughter's birthday. She turned eight and so the day was hers. After that it was the first day of school.

My son moved into Middle School this year; taking the bus for the first time since we no longer live close enough for him to walk. So the day was filled with that parental anxiety that comes with wanting a child to grow up and not.

I've sure, Kevin, you've experienced it with Harley. If not, don't worry sir, it's coming. There will be a day (OK, let's be honest MANY days) in which you find yourself tearing your hair out, literally and figuratively, over allowing your daughter to grow up.

Heck, this weekend was with my young man. I can't imagine the ulcer I'm going to get with my little princess...

No wonder we seem to age faster the older we get.

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