Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Whoops, I did it again...

I know that's not the lyric. I'm just berrating myself for missing a day in my ongoing dialog. I hope, the Kevin Smith people over at View Askew Productions stumble across this or read your public email and pass along my letters.

Writing everyday is just hard. It's hard enough as a screenwriter to spend every day writing so let me just admit. I don't. Somedays I spend researching what I'm writing. Somedays I spend working on my production schedules. And somedays, like today, I spend in the editting room.

As I mentioned earlier this month, Room 602 is in the can. I outlined the project and even handed off a Super Rough Cut, yes, it was more rough than rough, to my editor. I then went over his rough Monday. Ouch. So we spent today editting and getting the project back on track with my vision. It's looking good sir.

You know, a comedy just isn't a comedy when you leave out gags, jokes, and visuals that are there to get a laugh out of the audience. When entire scenes are missing (don't get me started) that move the plot along, what's left just doesn't make sense. But, as I said, its already looking better. Hopefully by this weekend we have a real rough cut and can work on cleaning up sound, laying in the music, and rotoscoping out those freakin' shadows that show the camera.

So now I'm getting ready for my next one. Its a ultra-short for a film contest coming up in a couple months. Here's the concept poster... shh...

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