Friday, August 31, 2007

Wisdom teeth and unwise decisions

Kevin, sir, I had my wisdom teeth yanked out of my skull this week. OK, I only have 1/2 my wisdom teeth yanked out of my skull. The pain is gone. In fact, there was more pain before they were yanked than since. Just laid me up for a day or so and I haven't eaten solid food in two days. Going to do burritos today though come hell or high water. Just might take me a while to do it.

Speaking of unwise decisions (I wasn't? Well, I am now), what's with business distancing themselves from celebrities. Everyone by now has heard of Owen Wilson's suicide attempt this past week. I won't get into it. What I have to say is about the love and support he's been given... not.

Owen Wilson's name was being used by Vespa USA as an endorsement for their scooters. As for today (Aug 31, 2007) they have removed his name. Is this just bad timing? Did Owen just asked to be taken off the endorsement list and they just happen to get around to it this week? Yeah, sure, that's it.



Kick a guy while he's down, why don'cha? I'd think it would be a better PR move to say they hoped he got better soon or were behind him during this troubling time in his life or, frankly, just ignore it, than to openly remove him from product marketing.

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