Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How is it making television?

Wow, day eight, sir. I'm on Day eight of sending you emails, and posting them online at From One Fat Writer to Another. Some days its a chore to come up with something to write about. I'm sure its a chore for you to read as well. But I'll keep at it with the hope of getting a call, a letter, or just a comment.

Now that my latest film is off to the editor its time to get back to working on that graphic novel. Concept art only goes so far, eh?

MyndSparc: Navajo Dreams is both a modern day and futuristic tale encompassing the big hollywood industry, virtual reality, and the Navajo mythos. Yeah, it sounds big, and it is. Which is why I'm doing this as a graphic novel first, and no the tentpole production that it could be... or television show.
I see you're doing television now? Actually TWO shows. Heroes: Origins and Reaper. How do you like it? The prospect of getting to tell one of my stories week after week just makes me drool... the premiss of MyndSparc makes for television that can change its appeal from week to week without ever changing who or what it is. Flexibility is in the definition of the show.

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