Monday, August 6, 2007

Screenwriters unite!

Well, sir, tonight was the monthly meeting of the IFP/PHX Screenwriters. Did I say I was the local director of IFP/PHX Screenwriters? Guess not.

Screenwriters are such a solitary lot. Why? Why do they not come out and play? Is it some primal instinct that makes us want to hide in our caves and draw on the walls? At least I've traded in my charcoal for a laptop, eh?

I love to get out and meet other writers and film makers, but it's like pulling teeth to get other writers to do the same. Sure, we have a few regulars, but quite often we'll have as many new people as regulars and then they climb back into their caves for a few months before reemerging.

Don't they get that it takes pressing the flesh as much as pressing the keys to get anywhere in this business?

So, Kevin, sir, I'm pressing the virtual flesh (damn, that is a keyboard isn't it) trying to network with you.

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