Monday, August 20, 2007

Never a good idea to attack the dude with the microphone!

Just finished watching an excerpt from your ComicCon presentation. You signed off with "Never a good idea to attack the dude with the microphone!" How true this is. Well, only if the dude with the microphone is eloquent, quick of wit, and funny as all hell. Props to you, sir.

Speaking of funny, eloquent folks, I didn't write this weekend because it was my 17th wedding anniversary and the wife and I went out. OK, that's not the funny, eloquent part. We saw Eddie Izzard, that's the funny, eloquent part. His act has changed a little from his "executive transvestite" days, but still insightful and funny as hell. His take on religion was as inspiring and humerus as Dogma.

Did I say humerus? Damn, humerus is like... like... like Weird Al Yankovic tunes these days. Funny, but not rolling on the floor laughing my ass of funny. Dogma and Eddie Izzard are much closer to ROFLMAO than Weird Al.

We won't talk about what happened on the ride home or once we got home since the kids were at friends for the rest of the night. Let's just say we performed some moving violations.

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