Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Smodcast, your wife, and ComicCon

Hello sir,

I figured that I would make this a daily regiment or therapy, if you will, regardless of whether you are reading my diatribes or not.

So just got done listening to your latest smodcast. Your wife was on the whole time and you talked about ComicCon.

Ah, now there's the life.

Going to ComicCon and calling it business while having a blast. I haven't been to ComicCon since the late 90's. I've seen how it has changed (thanks to the ever growing media circus that covers it now online and on the air) and I miss it.

This year it came down to filming or attending and since I've got a cast and crew of volunteers I work around their schedule and I missed ComicCon.

Ah, hell, let's be honest. I just freaking forgot about it this year and scheduled the shoot over the same weekend.

But I digress, sir. Today I spent working out the shooting schedule for this weekend. Based on the setup times we had last weekend I knew we needed to reset the schedule. It's going to be one long day Saturday, but we'll pull through it with smiles on our faces.

It's amazing the FUN that a bunch of people can have working 14+ hour days from sunrise to well after sunset. I can see why you chose this profession, sir.

So, any suggestions on getting noticed?

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