Friday, August 10, 2007

My Breaking Point

Ok, we're at the breaking point (or at least I'm going to call it that for lack of anything else to write about). I've been writing letters to you, Kevin, for 11 days now, everyday. I'll keep going, don't worry.

Well, I'm gearing up to listen to this week's Smodcast, but I have to finish my podcast. Turns out the folks at Revision3 are building studios. Internet Startups that now do online television. The geeks are coming to hollywood, but will Hollywood let them?

Maybe one or two, but then they'll take the attitude of "not developed here." Well, that's my prognostication anyway. Which, actually, serves the silicon valley guys right. They have, for years, taken the attitude of "not developed here." If the Internet company isn't based in San Francisco or New York, its not really an Internet company... or so I've been told far too often.

San Francisco is full of people funding the simplest online gadgets with millions of dollars. Its just like the late nineties all over again.

Well, I made my choice to live in Phoenix, AZ and, so, I will continue to make it work in my little version of Jersey. Of course you finally left Jersey too, eh?

Maybe I'll just build my own studio...

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