Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Birthday Parties and Editors

Just saw your weekly blog post (haven't gotten around to downloading the smodcast yet). Looks like fun was had by all in Jersey this past weekend. I really should get to planning my wife's birthday... it's the big one. The one that comes after 39. The one where superpowers kick in and stop all the clocks in the universe at precisely 11:59 PM so that it never comes. You have put me to shame, sir, with 6-9 months planning for your birthday bash.

Just delivered the footage, all indexed and note ridden, to my editor. Says I should have a rough cut in 4-5 days. Snoggans! OK, no, really he did say that. I did my Super Rough Cut last night just to see pacing and length. Good thing I did. Had to actually flip two scenes because of performance, they didn't flow together right anymore, and also discovered that we're in ADR for the very last line in the freakin' film. C'est la vie. Could have been worse.

So, given any thought to that action movie I have sitting around waiting for the right producer. The one that your lovely bride (pictured above next to your mug) would really sink her teeth into. The one about a strong woman who kicks ass, takes names, and still gets her kid to dance rehearsal on time? Come on, Soccer Mom / Contract Killer, what better combination is there?

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